Covid-19 and Coronavirus

Updated 29/12/2021

If you have provided us with a check-in time we will be awaiting your arrival, so you won’t have to ring any doorbells. Park in our main car park by the front of the house and someone will be out to greet you. They will be wearing a face mask in the interests of everyone’s protection. Please maintain a distance of 2 metres from our staff or anyone else.

As we are a boutique hotel, it is easier for us to sanitise and clean the property compared to larger establishments. We have a separate entrance for staff, deliveries and tradesmen so it is quite possible that you may not even encounter anyone else during your stay here.

Checking in has been made easier by emailing you our registration form so that you can fill it in in advance. You may either email it back to us, post it or bring it along. We will still need to see your photo ID (e.g. passport, drivers license) so have that handy please. We can offer ‘contactless’ checkout eliminating the need to use our card machines upon request, however, you will need a smart phone or mobile computer of your own to complete the payment. Don’t worry if you don’t have one – we can still do it the old way with chip and pin and we’ll clean the surface of the card machine in front of you.

You are welcome to stroll around our gardens, however, the communal rooms require certain rules which we will make you aware of upon arrival. Motion sensitive cameras in the hallways will alert us of any comings and goings so that we can wipe down banister hand rails, door knobs etc.

Following guidelines, we have removed some non-essential pieces from bedrooms. After changing bedding and towels the room is sanitised after which the loose items, such as TV remote is then sealed in a plastic bag so that you know it is totally safe to use. We will provide a disinfectant spray that is effective against Coronavirus in your room, on the corridors and landings. Hand sanitiser gel is available throughout the property. We have a fogging machine to disinfect large areas with industrial-grade disinfectant compliant with British Standards EN 1276, EN 1650, and EN 14476. Handrails and door furniture are disinfected with handheld aerosol sprays periodically through the day and night. The sprays are left out for customers to use if they wish.

Every room has WiFi to enable you to stay in contact with the outside world while you are here. There is also a voice-controlled Amazon Echo Dot device in your room so you can listen to music, set alarms and a whole host of other things without touching anything. (If you are concerned about privacy you can disable the Alexa microphone or turn it off). We are also installing smart sockets for all room lights so that you can control these too by voice command.

Live-in full-time staff take a lateral Covid test every Sunday and Wednesday. Part-time staff are tested at the beginning of their shift. If you are registered with NHS track and trace please scan the QR code upon arrival.

If you do not have a mask and would like one, we can provide you with one and the cost will be added to your room.

Government announcements take precedence of anything stated above so please be aware of the latest rules.