Fabulous find

Paul wrote in October 2018 on Hotels.com

This is a find! Not long open it was an entertainment hideaway for Rolls Royce Aero engines… money clearly was not an issue in the past and it shows. Recently taken over by a couple who seem to have a firm view on providing a great experience. The property is really nice, old and comfortable, proper British country house stuff. Furniture, paintings and furnishings build an ambiance of comfort and very gentle opulence. The closest comparison I would have is Gidleigh Park (although Church Farm does not have the 2 Michelin stars yet!). Service is personal and nothing seems to much effort. Christopher, the patron, is attentive and proud of his property, rightly so. Food is great, British with a hint of French would be my view, limited menu and really tasty and well cooked. Large grounds provides a nice backdrop for strolling. Local area has Cotswolds and Bristol close by.

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