It’s Strawberry Time!

The first fresh strawberries from Old Church Farm

Guests staying at Old Church Farm this summer will find the English favourite fruit appearing in our breakfasts, desserts and even drinks. We have over 200 strawberry plants which fruit through to the end of September. We are trying to grow our strawberries organically without any chemicals. We produce our own compost and try to fend off those that would try to get to the fruit before you by natural means. Having had the warmest May in a century this is going to be a bumper year for strawberry lovers so book a room and savour nature’s delights with us.

Try our strawberries with the house fizz, in a Pimms cocktail, as a salad, on your breakfast cereal or yoghurt or in one of Kate’s splendid home made desserts.

Remember to give 24 hours notice for dinner reservations!

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