The Vintage Rolls Royce that found its way home

It was the end of May Bank Holiday weekend. John and Mary Narvell were on the home leg of a 1000 mile tour of Ireland in their prized 1939 Rolls Royce when they noticed that the car didn’t feel right. They pulled over and discovered a bulge in the wall of the tyre. John, who was recovering from a recent illness changed the tyre while his wife searched the internet for a hotel so that the car and John could recover. The nearest hotel was Old Church Farm so Mary phoned to check availability and booked a room, dinner and breakfast. It was only upon arrival that the Narvells discovered that the hotel was previously owned by Rolls Royce from 1960 until 2017 when the current owners purchased it. Perhaps the car had visited before? Call it serendipity, coincidence, fate – whatever. The Narvells enjoyed the award-winning cuisine and loved their room you can read their review here.

The following day the car fired up first time and was running perfectly. John manoeuvred the car to the front door to allow me to record the moment on camera before finishing their trip back to Belgravia.

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